Murals and Other Paintings

by Sherri Brown

Murals by Sherri Brown has helped many home and business owners spruce up the interior or exterior décor of their home or workspace through her stunning murals. Not only do the professional murals help enliven a room, they also help symbolize the personality of the homeowner or business.

Sherri Brown is an experienced and well-accomplished artist, as evidenced by the state of California officially recognizing her as a mural artist (see school mural web-page). As you can see by looking at the pictures on the following web-pages, each one of her murals are meticulously detailed, and her mix of colors will help enhance and complement the overall décor of your home or business.

If you’re looking for a professional residential and business mural artist in Southern California, please call or email Murals by Sherri Brown today.

  1. Unique bedroom mural of three waterfalls, portrayed in three beaufiul arched windows. The waterfalls are running down a mountain range that joins the murals together into on stunning scene of Murals By Sherri Brown

 This bookshelf is an illusion. It hides an exit door (look hard) 

Sherri's work is displayed at Hesperia Senior Campus, in Hesperia, CA. This picture is one of two life-size, beautiful, bookshelf illusions, at the end of two long hallways. These illusions were requested to be in the alhiemers unit, to detour the residents, by the owners of a nursing home.

Painted Murals by Sherri Brown

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