Mural Artist Sherri Brown

            Sherri has been painting murals for many years. Her murals began in her own home, just around the year 2000. Although she had been painting, drawing, and doing other art medias as a young girl, She fell in love with decorating walls with colorful scenery. Oceans, landscapes, beautiful skies, animals, characters, water scenes, including waterfalls. These are just some of the many things this lady is equipped to paint. Some of her works include illusions of doors, windows, even authentic looking, antique bookcases for a nursing home. Her business experience has been with businesses, residential, and organizations. References are available. The Lucerne Valley Elementary School mural is a valuable reference for her work and ethics.

             Some of her character traits include, very creative, honest, hard-working, morally upright, and kind. She admits to being a Christian above all else. Sherri puts her heart into her work. She lives to give bring glory to her Lord Jesus, in all that she is blessed to be doing for others. 

           Sherri does high quality work. She works very fast. For instance the bookshelf mural on the home page of this website, was completed in just 3 days. Sherri is willing to fully answer any questions the customer may have.


Pricing Murals:

  • A minimum of $25 for a non-refundable deposit to do on-site estimates (outside of Sherri's home-town of Lucerne Valley, Ca. 92356). This deposit is for mileage, measuring, pre-pictures, the time to draw up and deliver full detailed plans, the estimated price, and a contract for the customer to review.

  • Once a contract is agreed upon and the date is set for the work to begin, a deposit of half the estimated price is usually paid before the mural has begun.

  • The other half of the amount due is due upon completion of the work.

    The price of a mural, or murals, vary considerably, depending on the size, detail, location, and hours involved. 

    Sherri will not usually estimate the price without a full on-site estimate(Unless a video, or pictures, and measurements are sent to her by the prospective customer)

         When you are ready for your own personal, unique, and quality mural contact....  

                                        Sherri Brown (760) 669-2469