' Restaurant  in Lucerne Valley, CA

Joe's restaurant mural was completed in 2007 by professional artist Sherri Brown. This was an after hours/night job, the business owner lost no business due to the artist transforming the restaurant. Painted blue sky with light clouds, birds, trees, a large apple tree, flower vases, a fruit basket,  a potted fern, an illusion of a brick wall, faux painting on the lower wall, and a little squirrel in the tall grass by the front door.


    The bricks are original art work too!


The fern needs no care it is painted on the wall :)


The fruit basket,  as well as most of this job,

was painted after business hours. The owner lost no business. 

The muralist paints after hours in businesses for an extra charge.


Joe wanted an apple tree!

Joe also fixes the best hamburgers in Lucerne Valley!

This squirrel reminds the muralist of the owner :) (always busy)